10 Funny Facts about Friday That Will Make You Laugh

Funny Facts about Friday

Here are 10 Funny Facts about Friday about everyone’s favorite day of the week – Friday!

Fridays are beloved by many as they mark the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. The impending freedom makes Fridays enjoyable and even comical at times. Let’s explore some of the quirky aspects of Fridays that will bring a smile to your face.

Our list below highlights 10 funny facts about Fridays that show their uniqueness. From historical origins to pop culture references, there is plenty that is amusing about this pre-weekend day. Read on for a good laugh!

10 Funny Facts About Friday

Frigg – The Goddess that Friday is Named After

The word Friday comes from the Old English word “frīgedæg” meaning the day of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Frigg (wife of Odin). She was associated with marriage, motherhood, and domesticity. Friday was considered a good day to get married. So next Friday, thank Frigg that the work week is nearly done!

The Unlucky Friday the 13th

While Fridays are often anticipated positively, when the 13th day of a month lands on a Friday, it is viewed in a negative light. Friday the 13th is packed with bad luck according to superstition. This fear of the date is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. Luckily, this dreaded day only occurs one to three times per year.

Funny Facts about Friday

Friday Marks the Start of the Weekend

Fridays are associated with fun because they mark the beginning of Saturday and Sunday. For students and working professionals, Fridays represent freedom from the weekday grind. The anticipation of staying up late, sleeping in, and binge-watching shows makes Fridays exciting.

“Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure

This upbeat ’80s new wave song by The Cure is all about looking forward to Friday. The lyrics capture that feeling of thankfulness and joy that comes when your work week is ending. Clearly, Robert Smith, frontman of The Cure, lived for Fridays!

Black Friday Shopping Craze

The day after Thanksgiving in the US is notoriously known as Black Friday due to heavy shopping activity. Retailers offer major discounts, with shoppers lining up early or even camping out overnight. Americans have been known to get extremely competitive and even violent over Black Friday deals.

Funny Facts about Friday

“Thank God It’s Friday” Phrase

You know a weekday is highly anticipated when there is an abbreviation devoted just to it. The acronym “TGIF” stands for “Thank God It’s Friday” and conveys excitement for the weekend. Even if you had a rough workweek, knowing Friday has arrived makes everything better.

Friday is Pizza and Movie Night for Many

In the U.S., Friday nights are commonly full of leisure activities. After a long workweek, many people order takeout pizza and relax with a movie or TV show. Even going out to eat at a restaurant is more common on Fridays. Popcorn and entertainment make Friday nights special.

Funny Facts about Friday

Payday Lands on Friday for Some Workers

Getting paid on a Friday adds to the appeal of this weekday for many employees. Biweekly or semimonthly pay schedules often have pay dates landing on a Friday. With cash in hand before the weekend, Friday becomes extra fun due to expanded spending funds.

High School Football Games Happen on Friday Nights

A staple of American high school culture is football games taking place on Friday evenings. Students, parents, bands, and more come out to support the hometown team. These lively games are an exciting way to kick off the weekend for players and spectators. Click to read German Middle Names.

Fridays Off in Many Muslim Countries

Unlike Saturday and Sunday weekends in the West, many Islamic countries consider Friday and Saturday to be the weekend. Friday is a sacred day in Islam when men are required to attend prayer services at mosques. Stores and businesses close on Fridays in observance of the holy day.

10 Funny Facts About Friday Table:

1. Frigg – Goddess Friday is Named AfterThe word Friday comes from Frigg, the Norse goddess associated with marriage and domesticity.
2. The Unlucky Friday the 13thFriday the 13th is considered very unlucky and fear of the date is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.
3. Friday Marks the WeekendFridays represent the start of the weekend – freedom from the weekday grind!
4. “Friday I’m in Love” by The CureThis upbeat 80’s song by The Cure captures the feeling of excitement for Fridays.
5. Black Friday Shopping CrazeThe day after Thanksgiving is notoriously busy for shopping deals and can get out of hand.
6. “Thank God It’s Friday”The phrase “TGIF” expresses happiness that the workweek is over.
7. Friday is Pizza and Movie NightIt’s a tradition to relax with pizza, movies, or TV shows on Friday nights.
8. Payday is Friday for ManyGetting paid before the weekend starts makes Fridays even better.
9. High School Football on FridaysFriday night high school football games are big events.
10. Fridays Off in Muslim CountriesFriday is a holy day in Islam when businesses close.

Final Words

As shown by these entertaining facts, Fridays hold a special place for many around the world. Whether they are eagerly anticipated or oddly feared, Fridays are unique. The countdown to Friday is real for those seeking some rest and leisure. This funny list underscores the joy and quirkiness connected to the last day of the work week. Thank Frigg it’s Friday!

Summary of Funny Facts about Friday

We covered the goddess Frigg, on Friday the 13th, TGIF, Black Friday, Friday nights, and more. It’s clear that Fridays are days filled with unusual traditions, customs, and associations across cultures.

Fridays Bring Joy and Mark the End of the Work Week

Whatever your feelings are about this pre-weekend day, there’s no denying that Fridays are different. They represent a transition from the work grind to fun. The laughter and comradery that Fridays bring help power us through the week. Thank goodness they come around every seven days!

Why is Friday considered unlucky by some?

The superstition around Friday the 13th caused bad luck to develop in early Christianity. Jesus was said to be crucified on a Friday, and there were 13 people at the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday. This combined association gave rise to fears about Fridays, especially when the 13th fell on that weekday.

What is the origin of the word Friday?

Friday comes from Old English frīgedæg, meaning the day of the goddess Frige. This was based on the Norse deity Frigg, goddess of marriage, fertility, love, and home. Other Germanic languages like German also trace Friday to versions of Frigg’s name.

When did Fridays off start in Muslim countries?

The tradition of having Fridays off started with the Prophet Muhammad in Medina during the 7th century. Friday religious observances for Muslims were established, with sermons given by the Prophet on that day. This led to Fridays becoming a day of prayer and rest.

What percentage of people look forward to Fridays?

According to polls, around 82% of American workers say they look forward to Fridays. About half report feeling excited when Friday rolls around. The anticipation stems from the pending freedom from work and the start of weekends that Fridays represent.

Are Friday nights popular for parties?

Yes, Friday nights are very popular for social gatherings and parties in many cultures. After a long workweek, people want to go out, relax, and celebrate making it through another five days at their jobs. Bars, clubs, restaurants, and private homes tend to see more parties on Fridays.