3 Useful Tips for Hiring a Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers typically work on construction projects, including residential, industrial and public works projects. Many project managers will need to work with civil engineers. Here are three useful tips for hiring a civil engineer.

1. Work With Experts in Your Area

Working with an engineer based in the local area provides several benefits. He or she will be familiar with the jurisdiction’s laws and regulations. The engineer will be more likely to meet with you in person and commute to the project site. He or she is also more likely to be able to oversee the project from start to finish. If your project is located in the Washington metropolitan area, then you might seek out a civil engineer in Arlington, VA or Bethesda, MD. 

2. Get Recommendations and Referrals

Ask your network about civil engineers who may be good fits for your project. Coworkers, business partners, friends and family may be able to provide you with recommendations. You may be able to request referrals from other people working on your project, such as architects or construction contractors. Once you collect recommendations and referrals, review them and conduct additional research to find potential fits. Then you can narrow down your options and start contacting engineers.

3. Look for Expertise Similar to Your Project’s Needs

Not all civil engineers will have the appropriate type of expertise for your project. Be sure to review each candidate’s area of expertise, educational background and project portfolio. If your project involves water-based construction, such as dam development, wastewater treatment and management or bridge designing, you should hire an engineer with appropriate experience. You might seek out a water engineer or a water resources engineer, for example.

When you work with a civil engineer, you need to communicate effectively and comprehensively. Make sure you’re aware of what you and your engineer need to complete the project.