5 Key Factors to Consider When Pursuing an Online EdD Program

EdD Program

Embrace modern learning and drive change in your organization with an online EdD program. You’ll become an expert leader in education and organizational change and sharpen your decision-making and team-building skills. Many programs require candidates to have an existing master’s degree and a minimum of three years of work experience in education-related fields. Some also include on-campus residencies and internships.


Unlike traditional on-campus doctoral programs, online EdD degrees offer flexibility for students with work or family obligations. Students can complete their coursework on a schedule that fits their existing commitments and access their courses from any computer or mobile device. Many skills you gain in an EdD program online are transferable to other professional environments. For example, you learn how to interpret research and apply it to real-world problems. You also improve your communication skills, conveying ideas clearly and participating in constructive debates.

However, it is essential to note that not all online degrees are created equal. Some programs, such as weekly live sessions, may require you to attend class at set times, and some will have in-person residency requirements. When researching an online degree program, check with the school’s admissions counselor about on-campus requirements to ensure it will fit into your life. Otherwise, consider looking into hybrid programs that combine most of your coursework with periodic in-person residencies.


By enrolling in online doctoral programs, professionals can enhance their careers and have a positive impact at a reasonable cost. While earning a flexible, student-centered education, students usually pursue the degree while working full-time. It enables them to apply their learning to their jobs right away.

In addition, because many of the top online EdD programs offer competitive tuition rates, graduates can often earn their degrees for less than $300 per credit. In some cases, active-duty military and out-of-state students can qualify to have up to 90% of the differential in tuition waived.

An additional advantage of an online doctorate program in education is that its research focus can help you hone your attention to detail and prepare you to offer fresh perspectives to the field. This enhanced research expertise can open doors to more prominent leadership positions and increase your salary potential.


EdD Program

Getting involved with the university community can make a huge difference in expanding your network in an online EdD program. It could mean joining a social media group that aligns with your industry or field of interest, participating in an online discussion board, or arranging a weekly video call with fellow students to discuss industry trends, class assignments, and other relevant topics. The nature of an EdD program demands that you can communicate effectively and adapt to a rapidly changing technological landscape. As you move through the program, you will refine your skills and learn to work with various digital tools and platforms to conduct research, present your findings, and participate in constructive debates.

While many people pursuing an EdD are in education systems (PK-12 schools, school districts, colleges, and universities), more professionals outside the educational system seek advanced knowledge of organizational leadership to improve their industry. It includes aspiring leaders at for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. An online EdD is a perfect fit for these individuals to gain the knowledge, networks, and experience they need to drive real change in their fields.

Career Opportunities

While the investment in an advanced degree requires a significant time commitment, it offers various career opportunities that can significantly boost your salary. Professionals with a doctoral degree experience low unemployment rates and earn significantly more than their master’s degree peers. In addition, earning a doctorate in education opens doors to leadership positions within the field. Aside from positions like principal and vice principal at the elementary through high school level, students can also find careers as academic and career counselors or technical educational support directors. Another popular career option is chief learning officer (CLO), a position in which an EdD graduate manages the training and development programs for an entire company or organization.

Online doctoral programs present prospects for professional growth and provide an exceptional chance to connect and work with colleagues worldwide. With many students working full-time while completing their degree, classmates will likely have professional experience across industries, which provides a rich and dynamic learning environment.


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Online education doctoral programs are typically geared toward experienced educators and other professionals looking to develop the advanced knowledge needed to lead organizational change. Many of these students are already in leadership roles and can leverage their professional experience to achieve their educational goals while continuing to work full-time. Many of these programs also offer flexible learning options, such as allowing students to complete their degree online without needing on-campus residencies or internships.