5 Ways to Make Money While Staying Outside


In a world that values flexibility, making money from the comfort of your outdoor haven is not only a possibility but a growing trend. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a nature enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates the open air, here are five ways to turn your outdoor space into a lucrative workplace.

Nature-Focused Freelancing

Embrace your surroundings by engaging in nature-focused freelancing. Offer services such as outdoor photography, guided hikes, or nature-inspired art creation. Platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr can connect you with clients seeking nature-centric expertise, helping you to transform your love for the outdoors into a thriving freelance career. 

Expand your reach by building a portfolio showcasing your unique skills, and leverage social media to connect with a broader audience interested in nature-inspired services. Engage with your community by organizing outdoor workshops, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Gardening and Selling Produce

Turn your green thumb into a profitable venture by gardening and selling your produce. Grow organic fruits, vegetables, or herbs, and set up a local market stand or collaborate with nearby businesses. 

This not only brings in extra income but also allows you to share the goodness of homegrown produce with your community. Consider creating a subscription service for fresh produce delivery to local residents, establishing a steady income stream while promoting sustainability and healthy living. 

Diversify your offerings by hosting gardening workshops or collaborating with local chefs, enhancing the value of your brand and contributing to a thriving local ecosystem.

Freelance Delivery Driving

Explore the world of freelance delivery driving, a flexible option that allows you to make money while enjoying the outdoors. Sign up on platforms like Shiply and connect with people needing items transported. Utilize the load board at Shiply to find available jobs, providing a seamless way to match shippers with carriers. This gig allows you to set your own schedule while earning money on the go. 

Expand your network by joining multiple delivery platforms, increasing your chances of finding diverse and lucrative opportunities. Leverage your excellent customer service skills to build lasting relationships with clients, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and positive referrals. 

Enhance your efficiency by investing in reliable transportation and technology, ensuring a smooth and successful delivery process.

Outdoor Fitness Instruction

If you have a passion for fitness, consider becoming an outdoor fitness instructor. Offer classes like yoga, pilates, or boot camps in parks or open spaces. Many people prefer exercising in nature, and your expertise can provide them with a refreshing and invigorating workout experience. 

Expand your services by creating online tutorials, allowing you to reach a global audience interested in outdoor fitness. Develop a brand around your unique approach to outdoor workouts, and collaborate with local businesses to host special fitness events, further establishing your presence in the community. 

Cultivate a supportive fitness community by organizing outdoor fitness challenges, fostering camaraderie and inspiring others to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Combine your love for animals with a money-making opportunity by offering pet sitting and dog walking services. Many pet owners prefer a personalized and outdoor-focused approach for their furry friends. 

Platforms like Rover or Wag can connect you with pet owners looking for reliable and caring individuals to tend to their pets. Consider offering additional services such as pet photography or personalized pet care packages to enhance your offerings. 

Build a strong reputation through client testimonials and reviews, creating a trustworthy brand that attracts more pet owners seeking your services. Foster a sense of community among pet owners by organizing pet-friendly events or establishing partnerships with local businesses that cater to pet lovers.