A Simple Guide to Injecting Glitz and Glamour into Your Kitchen


Everyone knows that the hub of any home is the kitchen, and, as such, not only should your kitchen be clean, practical, and functional but also relaxing, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing.

With that being said, here is a simple guide to injecting some glitz and glamour into your kitchen.

Re-Upholster the Stools and Chairs

First and foremost, a great way of adding a touch of luxury into your kitchen space is to replace your current soft furnishings, such as re-upholstering the chairs and stools in the room, with a softer and more glamorous material, such as plush velvets.

Not only will this make your kitchen feel considerably more indulgent and sumptuous, but a darker and deeper color and tone, such as rich browns or charcoal greys, will also contribute to a glamorous aesthetic.

Inspiration for Smaller Kitchens

If your family kitchen is on the smaller side, you may be able to afford a bespoke kitchen designed and installed by Nonpareil Solutions in Wheathampstead.

If you are not yet ready for an entire kitchen transformation, the following (less effective yet more affordable) tips specifically for a small kitchen layout may help:

  • Choose a bright and fresh color for the cupboard drawers
  • Keep the worktop spaces as clutter-free as possible
  • Select storage and shelving of a vertical nature to maximize wall space
  • Look into stylish and statement flooring (such as checkerboard tiles)

Stick to Natural Colors

When thinking about what a more glamorous kitchen means to you, it is highly unlikely you are conjuring images of cheap bling, bright purples and pinks, and a Barbie-esque aesthetic. Instead, you can probably picture an open, fresh, clean, and natural space in your mind.

This is why sticking to a natural color scheme and choosing natural materials for accessories will go a long way to create a calming, more luxurious atmosphere in your kitchen.

Treat the Kitchen as a Working Living Room

Are you excitedly planning on refreshing the decoration and decor in the living room? Well, take this same approach to the homely, clean and tidy, comfortable and pretty aesthetic you have in mind for the lounge and apply it to your kitchen plans, with the obvious addition of incorporating practical seating.

An excellent example of this is to embrace tasteful embellishments in the details, such as brass handles on the kitchen cabinets, ornate table and chair designs, and, of course, a statement lighting fixture like a chandelier in the center of the ceiling.

Invest in a Bold and Bright Splashback

It may well be the case that when you bought or began to rent your home, the backsplash was already installed, and you have never given it a second thought until now.

Above the hob of the oven and underneath the ventilation hood, take a look at options in terms of texture, pattern, design, and color for a brand-new splashback, which can act as the perfect glamorous focal point for your kitchen.