Dispensaries are Boosting Charity Non-Profits


When the word “dispensary” comes up, it’s typical for people to think of that venue type as a store only, a place where people buy a cannabis product only. However, what a number of communities are realizing across the country is that their local dispensary is also becoming a grassroots mover in terms of being a supporter of charities as well. Part of it may be due to requirements for operation, but many dispensary operations are also willingly engaging in goodwill directions as well without having to meet regulatory criteria.

Making Recreation Spending Go Farther

As mentioned above, some communities have made it a point that for a dispensary to operate in their town or city, it has to give back, ideally to a non-profit, so that the activity of cannabis use goes to more than just pure entertainment alone. In other locations, no such requirement exists, but communities are looking around and comparing notes. The idea isn’t new; a number of jurisdictions with legalized gambling, for example, have done the same. For the organizations involved as dispensaries, the option allows operation or expansion into new markets, but it’s turning out to be more than just an operating expense. A number of dispensaries are willingly engaging with non-profit support, especially with regard to being good stewards of the community and neighbors.

Non-Profits Continue a Safety Net Locally

For many, non-profits have been a safety gap that otherwise isn’t available or hard to get due to social services bureaucracy. Not everyone needs ongoing food stamps support, for example. Instead, they might be in a short-term pinch, and just need help with groceries for a week or two; food charities fill that smaller gap that otherwise wouldn’t have any response with bigger social services programs.

However, non-profits don’t magically perform their great accomplishments; they need financial help on a regular basis. So, a partnership between dispensaries and charity help is a great way for those businesses to provide local community goodwill, and for charities to obtain the financial they always need to keep going.

Being a Good Neighbor Matters

For example, a Cortez recreational dispensary can be just as powerful for small community help as it can be for larger cities, especially when that dispensary sees a lot of traffic passing through town because its location is at an ideal stopping point. While the tourists come and go, the help a dispensary partnership can provide locally stays for years and longer. It makes a lot of common sense, both for the dispensary business and the community. That’s hardly the only benefit they provide though. Being a good neighbor also constitutes trash pickup through the Adopt-A-Highway program, community service partnerships, sponsorships for local teams, leagues, and so much more. And these aren’t random examples, these are all things the author has seen a cannabis dispensary contribute to, including the one linked above.