Does UPS Sell Stamps? Updated in 2024

Does UPS Sell Stamps

Discover convenience at UPS – Updated 2024 guide Does UPS sell stamps? Explore diverse options, and purchase in-store or online. Your stamp solution awaits!

In the fast-paced digital age, where convenience is key, individuals often find themselves in need of postage stamps without the luxury of time to visit a traditional post office. This is where UPS (United Parcel Service) steps in, offering a comprehensive range of services beyond their primary shipping functions. In this updated guide for 2024, we explore the burning question: does UPS sell stamps?

Does UPS Sell Stamps?

UPS itself doesn’t directly sell stamps, but there’s a twist! Many UPS Store locations operate under a franchise model and offer a variety of postal services, including selling USPS postage stamps, booklets, and sheets. So, while you can’t grab stamps at a typical UPS hub, a nearby UPS Store might be your one-stop shop for both shipping and postage needs.

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Close-up of an unrecognizable black woman placing postage stamp on the envelope
Close-up of an unrecognizable black woman placing postage stamp on the envelope

The Convenience of UPS Locations

Accessible Nationwide

One of the primary advantages of utilizing UPS services is the extensive network of locations scattered across the nation. With thousands of stores conveniently situated, UPS has become a go-to option for various shipping and mailing needs. But the real gem lies in the fact that many of these locations offer a range of postal services, including the sale of stamps.

Diverse Stamp Options

Unlike some traditional post offices that may have limited stamp varieties, UPS often provides a diverse selection. This allows customers to choose stamps that align with their preferences, whether they’re looking for commemorative stamps, seasonal designs, or classic postage options.

How to Obtain Stamps at UPS

Over-the-Counter Purchase

For those wondering if UPS sells stamps, the answer is a resounding yes. Head to your nearest UPS store, and you’ll find a dedicated counter where stamps are available for purchase. The process is quick and efficient, making it an ideal solution for individuals seeking a hassle-free experience.

Self-Service Kiosks

In line with their commitment to convenience, UPS has introduced self-service kiosks in many of their locations. These user-friendly kiosks enable customers to buy stamps independently, streamlining the process even further. Simply select the desired stamp options, complete the transaction, and you’re good to go.

How much is a book of 20 stamps today?

A book of 20 stamps, typically called a booklet, usually costs $13.20 today. This is because they contain Forever Stamps, which are always valid for the current first-class letter rate, which is currently $0.66. However, keep in mind that some retailers might offer slight price variations. If you’re looking for the best deal, it’s worth comparing prices at a few different stores before making your purchase.

UPS Online Services

Digital Stamp Purchases

In the era of digital dominance, UPS acknowledges the importance of online accessibility. For those seeking stamps without leaving the comfort of their homes, UPS’s official website provides a seamless platform for digital stamp purchases. This not only caters to the modern consumer but also ensures that stamps are just a few clicks away.

Subscription Services

To elevate the convenience factor, UPS offers subscription services for regular stamp buyers. Subscribers can enjoy the automatic delivery of stamps to their doorstep at predefined intervals, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the store. This innovative approach caters to the evolving needs of customers in today’s fast-paced world.

Does UPS Sell stamps online?

No, UPS does not directly sell stamps online. Nevertheless, you can buy USPS postage stamps at numerous UPS Store outlets. These independently operated and franchised stores frequently collaborate with the US Postal Service to provide postal products and services, such as stamps and metered mail. Locate a nearby UPS Store to inquire about their specific offerings. Alternatively, you have the option to buy stamps directly from the United States Postal Service website.


Final Words

In conclusion, UPS goes beyond being a leading shipping company; it is a comprehensive solution for various mailing needs, including the purchase of stamps. Whether you prefer the in-person experience at a UPS store or the convenience of online transactions, UPS ensures that obtaining stamps is a straightforward process. Stay updated with UPS’s evolving services, making it your one-stop destination for shipping and postal requirements.

People Also Ask

Where can I buy US stamps besides the post office?

Grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, office supply stores, some banks and ATMs. Look for the “Buy Stamps Here” sign.

Can UPS charge more for stamps?

No, they can’t sell stamps for more than face value. They may offer additional services like printing postage, which has separate fees.

Can I buy stamps from USPS?

Absolutely! You can buy stamps online at, by phone, or at any post office.

Does Walmart sell stamps?

Yes, most Walmart locations sell a variety of stamps and postage products.