100 Female Demon Names That Will Strike Fear in Your Enemies

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Explore bewitching and mystic female demon names, steeped in ebon sorcery and mystique. Unveil the dark enchantment. Delve into ancient lore and legends.

Have you ever wondered what names are given to female demons and demonic entities? Throughout history, mythology, and folklore, demons have been portrayed in many shapes and forms. Some take on monstrous visages, while others appear more innocuously. Female demons, specifically, have been personified as seductive and dangerous creatures that use their sexuality and cunning to carry out evil deeds.

In this article, we will explore 100 Female Demon Names commonly associated with female demons, demonic spirits, and dark goddesses. From legends across different cultures, here is a comprehensive collection of powerful and fearsome titles attributed to these ominous feminine forces.

A Summary of The Archetype of The Female Demon Names

Before diving into the names themselves, it is worth examining the archetype of the female demon and why she holds such fascination in many mythologies.

Female demon names are often characterized as follows:

  • Seductive and hypersexualized, using their beauty and charm to manipulate or control others.
  • Deceitful, cunning, and treacherous.
  • Vengeful, jealous, and full of rage.
  • Associated with destruction, death, disease, and adversity.
  • Wielding supernatural powers.
  • Seeking to condemn human souls to damnation.
  • Serving as a consort or bride to Satan/underworld deities.

These destructive femmes fatales represent the dangerous temptations of sin, lust, and forbidden knowledge. Their stories serve as cautionary tales of the perils of succumbing to dark desires and forces.

Now let’s look at 100 Female Demon Names that encapsulate the terror and allure of these menacing she-devils.

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100 Female Demon Names, Evil Spirits, and Wicked Goddesses

There are Following Female demon names are below:

1. Lilith

The original rebellious demoness in Jewish tradition. Refused to submit to Adam and left the Garden of Eden to become a storm demon.

Lilith female demon names

2. Lamia

A Greek serpentine monster and child-devouring daemon.

3. Empusa

A Greek shape-shifting she-demon who lured young men to suck their blood and eat their flesh. Had one leg of bronze and another of a donkey.

4. Hecate

Greek goddess of witchcraft, necromancy, and ghosts. Often associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, magic, and knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants.

5. Harpy

Half-bird, half-woman creatures in Greek mythology that personified storm winds. Known for stealing food and carrying evildoers to the Furies.

6. Stheno, Euryale, Medusa

The three monstrous Gorgon sisters in Greek myth had hair of living, venomous snakes, and a gaze that could turn onlookers into stone.

Female Demon Name

7. Scylla

Once a beautiful naiad, transformed into a six-headed sea monster who fed on sailors passing through her narrow strait.

8. Rusalka

A deadly Slavic mermaid demon who lurked in lakes and rivers, waiting to drag victims to a watery grave.

9. Leanan Sidhe

A vampiric fairy in Celtic lore that offered inspiration to poets and artists, but at the price of their lives through drainage of energy and vitality.

10. Bean Sidhe

The banshee in Irish legends – her wailing cry was an omen of imminent death.

11. Jorogumo

In Japanese folklore – a seductive demoness can shape-shift into an alluring woman or a spider to trap wayward samurai.

12. Pontianak

An evil spirit in Malay mythology that takes the form of a beautiful woman to lure men to their doom.

13. Toyol

A vampiric child-like demon conjured in Malay black magic through abortion rites and invoked to steal for its master.

14. Langsuir

A risen female corpse imbued with supernatural powers in Malay folk religion.

15. Lamashtu

A Mesopotamian demoness who preyed on infants and women in childbirth. Had a hideous appearance.

16. Naamah

In Jewish tradition, the female demon of seduction is associated with prostitution and sensual pleasure.

17. Eisheth

In Hebrew legend, she was Adam’s first wife turned demoness of sexual temptation and strife.

18. Succubus

A female demon who takes a human male lover and drains his health and vigor through sexual activity.

19. Ala

In Slavic folklore, a nightmare spirit sat on people’s chests at night, rendering them immobile. Carried off children.

20. Cailleach

A mythic hag goddess revered and feared in Celtic regions. Associated with creation, destruction, weather, and the winter season.

21. The Morrigan

A shapeshifting Celtic war goddess who appeared as a crow. Incited fear and doom to warriors before battle.

22. Scathach

A warrior woman and sorceress in Irish legend who trained the hero Cu Chulainn in the arts of combat and magic.

23. Banshee

The wailing female spirit in Irish mythology heralded the imminent death of a family member through her scream.

24. Morgan Le Fay

The faerie enchantress and half-sister of King Arthur in medieval tales. A powerful sorceress versed in healing magic.

25. Siren

In Greek myth, these creatures lured nearby sailors with enchanting music and singing to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

26. Lorelei

A siren-like river spirit in German folklore who enchanted men with her singing then caused their deaths.

27. Rusalka

Slavic water spirits could transform from beautiful women to fish or snakes. Lured victims to drown.

28. Bastet

Ancient Egyptian goddess with the head of a lioness or cat. Represented protection, fertility, motherhood, dance, music, and joy.

29. Lamia

A Libyan queen in Greek myth transformed into a child-eating daemon after her children were killed by Hera.

30. Empusa

A shape-shifting female demon in Greek mythology who drank blood and ate flesh. Had a leg of bronze and a donkey’s leg.

31. Kali

Hindu goddess of death, time, and doomsday. Often associated with sexuality, violence, motherly love, and creative destruction.

Female Demon Name

32. Ceto

An ancient sea monster goddess who was the mother of other mythological monsters like the Gorgons and Graeae.

33. Mormo

A vampiric creature in Greek myth that bit bad children. Women invoked her to frighten misbehaving kids.

34. Nyai Lara Kidul

A mermaid goddess in Javanese and Sundanese myths who controlled the oceans and lured men to their deaths.

35. Manananggal

A ghastly vampire in Philippine folklore that detached its upper torso and sprouted bat wings to prey on sleeping pregnant women at night.

36. Entries

Female vampire demons from Hebrew lore preyed on men and drank their blood. Said to transform into owls.

37. Gorgon

Snake-haired monsters in Greek myth whose gaze could turn onlookers to stone. Including Euryale, Stheno, and the famous Medusa.

38. Chimaera

A fire-breathing hybrid monster in Greek myth with a lion’s head, goat’s body, and serpent’s tail. Bloodthirsty and venomous.

39. Sphinx

A treacherous creature in Greek myth with a lion’s body and a human female head. Devoured people unable to answer her riddles.

40. Harpy

Winged death spirits in Greek lore with sharp claws and an insatiable hunger drive them to torture their victims.

41. La Llorona

The weeping woman in Mexican folklore – her restless ghost eternally seeking the children she drowned.

42. Churel

A vengeful female ghost from Hindu and Muslim folklore abducted young men in the night to drain their virility.

43. Yuki-onna

An icy ghost of Japanese myth appeared as a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair who lured travelers to their freezing deaths.

44. Jorogumo

A magical shape-shifting spider woman in Japanese myth who ensnared victims in her web before devouring them.

45. Pontianak

An evil female vampire in Malay mythology took the form of a beautiful woman to seduce and kill men.

46. Empusa

A shape-shifting female demon with one leg of brass in Greek mythology. She seduced and drank the blood of young men.

47. Lilu

A Mesopotamian night demon that stalked women in childbirth and stole their newborn infants.

48. Rusalka

A female water spirit in Slavic folklore that lurked in lakes and rivers, pulling victims to a watery grave.

49. Moura Encantada

A seductive siren in Portuguese mythology who lured sailors to their demise through enchanting singing.

50. Fiura

A Roman goddess of the underworld who represented collaborative feminine forces of corruption and decay.

51. Ereshkigal

The Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld ruled over the dead alongside her husband Nergal.

52. Scylla

Once a naiad turned into a six-headed sea monster who fed on sailors in Greek mythology.

53. Akkorokamui

A gigantic part-human part-octopus creature in Ainu and Japanese folklore that dragged its prey into the ocean depths.

54. Empusa

A shape-shifting, blood-drinking female demon with flaming hair in Greek mythology who preyed on young men.

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55. Yaksi

Malevolent tree spirits in Hindu mythology appeared as young beautiful women to seduce victims.

56. Yama-uba

A terrifying old crone in Japanese folklore who lived in the mountains and fed on human flesh.

57. Cherufe

Malevolent water creatures and lava demons from Mapuche mythology in South America.

58. Tiamat

A chaos monster and primordial goddess of the ocean and creation in Mesopotamian myth.

59. Poison

An immensely powerful dragon goddess in Huron Native American mythology associated with healing, sea serpents, and the afterlife.

60. Siren

Dangerous creatures in Greek mythology lured nearby sailors with enchanting music and singing, causing shipwrecks.

61. Cailleach

A witch goddess of winter and destruction in Gaelic folklore who controlled elements of nature and weather.

62. Black Annis

A night demon in English folklore that hunted and ate children, said to have iron claws and fangs.

63. Onryo

A female yurei, or vengeful Japanese ghost, who returned from death to visit harm upon the living.

64. Pelesit

A Malaysian vampire demon that took the form of a house cricket, bringing bad luck and even death.

65. Toyol

An undead fetus or stillborn child conjured through black magic in Malay mythology that brought misfortune.

66. Manananggal

A horrific vampire from Philippine mythology detached its upper body and flew into the night to prey on pregnant women and babies.

67. Lamashtu

The Mesopotamian demoness of death in childbirth, miscarriage, and infant mortality. Had a monstrous appearance.

68. Empusa

A shapeshifting female demon in Greek folklore that fed on the blood and flesh of young men, often taking a beautiful form to lure them.

69. Lilith

The original rebellious demoness in Jewish mythology refused Adam’s authority and became associated with darkness.

70. Hecate

The Greek goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, necromancy, herbs, and poisonous plants. Queen of the Ghosts.

71. Stheno and Euryale

The immortal Gorgon sisters in Greek myth had living venomous snakes for hair and could turn people to stone with their gaze.

72. Mormo

A vampiric underworld female spirit in Greek legend that bit bad children. Mothers would invoke her name to frighten kids.

73. Brunhilde

A powerful Valkyrie in Norse mythology is associated with magic, victory in battle, and guiding fallen warriors to Valhalla.

74. Baba Yaga

The archetypal witch of Russian folklore lived in the woods in a hut standing on chicken legs. Often portrayed as dangerous.

75. Fiura

The Roman goddess of witchcraft, charm, and poisonous herbs. Associated with feminine forces of corruption and decay.

76. Laverna

The Roman goddess of thieves, cheats, charlatans, and con artists. Invoked by swindlers for protection.

77. Ereshkigal

The dark Mesopotamian goddess of death and the underworld ruled alongside her husband Nergal over shades of the dead.

78. Nephthys

An Egyptian funerary goddess associated with mourning the dead, the night, protection, and the afterlife.

79. Gorgon

In Greek mythology, any of the three sisters (Stheno, Euryale, Medusa) with snakes for hair whose gaze could turn people to stone.

80. Nyx

The ancient Greek goddess and personification of primordial night, darkness, and shadows. Mother of beings like Thanatos and Moros.

81. Arachne

A skilled mortal weaver in Greek myth turned into the first spider by Athena after losing a weaving contest to the goddess.

82. Poison

An immensely powerful dragon goddess in Native American Huron mythology associated with healing, the afterlife, and sea serpents.

Female Demon Name

83. Sayz

A giant female sea serpent and hierophantic oracle from Huron myth that answered seekers’ questions about the unknown.

84. Akkorokamui

A gigantic part-spider, part-human monster from Ainu legend that dragged victims into the ocean to consume them in a hidden undersea lair.

85. Yuki-Onna

A ghostly snow woman of Japanese folklore who appeared in snowstorms, exuding ice-cold air that could freeze mortals to death.

86. Jiangshi

A reanimated corpse or zombie from Chinese legends sucked chi or life essence from victims to sustain its undead existence.

87. Toyol

An undead fetus conjured through black magic in Malay folklore that brought misfortune and illness to enemies of its creator.

88. Rusalka

A lethal aquatic spirit in Slavic mythology that lurked in lakes and streams, dragging victims to a watery demise.

89. Leanan Sidhe

A vampiric fairy and demon muse in Irish lore that gave inspiration to artists in exchange for their lives and souls.

90. Estrie

A female vampire demon from Hebrew mythology is said to drink human blood and metamorphose into an owl.

91. Lamia

A Libyan queen in Greek myth was cursed to devour children after Hera killed Lamia’s kids in jealousy over her affair with Zeus.

92. Scylla

In Greek myth, once a beautiful sea nymph turned into a six-headed monster living on the cliffs opposite Charybdis, preying on sailors.

93. Deverra

A dangerous goddess of sorcery and divination in Celtic and Gallo-Roman mythology, associated with the river Marne.

94. Charybdis

The monstrous whirlpool in Greek mythology is located opposite Scylla, creating a perilous nautical passage for sailors.

95. Ala

In Slavic folklore, a nightmare demon sat on the chests of people at night, rendering them immobile and stealing their breath.

96. Mormo

A vampiric monster in Greek legend who bit bad children. Mothers would invoke her to get kids to behave. Great post to read about Billie Eilish weight loss.

97. Tiyanak

A vampiric fetus or demonic elf in Philippine mythology morphs between a human baby and a forest spirit to prey on the living.

98. Adze

A vampire from the legends of the Ewe people of Ghana is said to take the form of a firefly, bringing disease and misfortune.

99. Bloody Mary

The ghost is summoned by chanting her name and is often seen in mirrors, harming her response to being awakened.

100. Jorogumo

A magical spider woman in Japanese folklore can shapeshift into a seductive woman to lure men to their deaths.

Summary: Female Demon Names

This comprehensive list of 100 female demon names provides a glimpse into cultures and mythologies from across the globe. Though diverse, we see common themes emerge – seductive succubi, blood-drinking monsters, vengeful spirits, human-devouring fiends, and crones.

Female Demon Names
Female Demon Names

FAQs About Female Demon Names

What is the strongest female demon?

Lilith, the rebellious first wife of Adam in Jewish mythology, is considered one of the most powerful and dangerous female demons.

What is the word for a female demon?

She-devil, demoness, and succubus are terms used for evil female spirits or demons.

What is the Japanese name for demon girl?

Akuma shojo, jaki-jo, and yokai shojo are Japanese terms for a female demon or monstrous girl.

What are some badass demon names?

Lamia, Empusa, Hecate, Medusa, Lilith, Pazuzu, and Sitri are some badass names associated with fearsome female demons throughout various mythologies.

Table: Female demon names

AmmutEgyptianDevourer of the Dead
Baba YagaSlavicForest Witch
LilithHebrewNight Demon
MorriganCelticQueen of War
PazuzuBabylonianDemon of the Wind
SuccubusLatinFemale Demon
Tanin’iverHebrewSea Serpent
TiamatBabylonianMother of Monsters
ValkyrieNorseChooser of the Slain
Xipe TotecAztecFlayed God
ZizHebrewBird of Death