Gucci—and Roblox? How the Luxury Brand is Taking Over the Metaverse


In line with the brand’s bold, provocative campaigns, Gucci is making waves in the digital world and bringing the luxury fashion experience to the virtual stage. In 2023, the first show under new creative director Sabato De Sarno was held simultaneously in three different virtual worlds, along with a physical version. Though the real-world Gucci Ancora show had to change venues due to inclement weather, the digital shows went as planned on Roblox, Zepeto, and QQ—virtual platforms from all over the world. Users could interact with the environment or watch the Gucci show online. But this digital fashion show isn’t the brand’s first experience with the Metaverse or virtual platforms; Gucci’s products have been a huge force in the digital realm for years. Here’s how Gucci is taking over the Metaverse:

1. Showcasing products

Unlike traditional social media spaces, bringing fashion experiences to the Metaverse allows the brand to express its values and showcase its products by engaging three-dimensional worlds, allowing users to immerse themselves and interact with the products and the pieces. This ability to interact and create content and experiences is why user-generated content (UGC) games like Roblox have skyrocketed in popularity. As opposed to traditional games, UGC games allow for more freedom and customization, which is what Gucci is looking to take advantage of. By offering its products on these digital platforms, users can explore the brand and its products and even obtain their digital counterparts.

Credit: @roblox on Instagram]

A great example is Roblox’s Gucci Town, a virtual destination in the game that allows users to explore the fashion house and its heritage. Gucci Town also offers exclusive limited-edition accessories and merchandise, which players can acquire through mini-games or challenges. Users can also collect free items like round or oversized sunglasses by exploring the world and collecting items. The virtual shades were inspired by real-life Gucci luxury sunglasses, which are known for their ultra-chic frames ranging from simple styles to the avant-garde. Models like the Gucci GG1257S and GG1023S have similar digital counterparts that users can obtain for free to use on their avatars.

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Other products like Gucci bags have also become hot products on Roblox. The Gucci’ Queen Bee Dionysus’ bag on the Roblox marketplace was originally valued at 475 Robux (or $5.50), but since it was only available for a limited time, it was sold for 350,000 Robux, or $4,115. It sold for more than its real-world version. Gucci recognized how virtual spaces like UGC games could be an exciting realm to showcase and offer products, creating a new experience that can’t be replicated in the real world but can complement it.

2. Reaching new audiences

In line with the growing popularity of UGC games, Gucci’s foray into these platforms brings the brand to a new audience. Gen Z makes up a major chunk of the user base of Roblox, and many of them use their avatars to express themselves in ways they can’t in the real world. By integrating the brand into this digital platform, Gucci’s products are able to reach a younger and more tech-savvy generation, making the luxury fashion experience more accessible and open for exploration.

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A digital expression report from Roblox found that 84% of Gen Z say their digital style influences their physical style. Being able to purchase digital fashion items and accessories in the virtual world that they might not have access to in reality allows for more experimentation and exploration of self-expression and style, which is becoming more important for Gen Z. Gucci has been taking advantage of that desire, allowing people to explore luxury fashion through an online space, allowing the brand to innovate and expand its reach while providing an exciting experience for users.

Gucci’s integration into the Metaverse and virtual spaces is a testament to the brand’s quest to innovate and push the envelope of luxury fashion. By showcasing products and brand values to a new audience, Gucci extends its reach and visibility, allowing it to future-proof the brand.

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