Must-Have Features in Cannabis Dispensary Software

Cannabis Dispensary Software

The right cannabis accounting software allows you to manage your business’s cash flow, create P&Ls and balance sheets, and track outstanding invoices. 

Simplify checkout and streamline your operations with a dispensary point-of-sale system that speeds up lines and integrates with digital menu services and loyalty programs. It should also provide a robust infrastructure of support and redundancy to ensure consistent uptime.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Managing inventory for cannabis is essential to a customer-centered experience and staying compliant with industry regulations. A quality system can track your products’ whereabouts and availability while providing real-time analytics reports.

The best cannabis dispensary software systems and e-commerce platforms to streamline operations, boost sales, and elevate customer engagement. Look for a cannabis-specific POS solution that can automatically update sales data with your distributors and METRC and a mobile reporting dashboard.

A good POS will also be able to manage bin and shelf inventory with batch, FIFO, and serial tracking. It should also support retail sales and various product categories, including edibles.

Cannabis Dispensary Software

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Cannabis dispensary software, also called seed-to-sale or retail point of sale (POS) software, is a specialized solution for procuring and selling cannabis products. It helps retailers meet basic compliance rules like ensuring buyers are at least 18 years old for medical and 21 for recreational purchases, managing product expiration dates, and maintaining consistent THC content.

In addition to enabling easy payment transactions between the business and the customer, the best cannabis POS systems provide valuable data insights for managers and owners of the company. They allow you to closely monitor inventory, product performance, and customer preferences to optimize merchandising strategies and increase sales.

Ensure that your cannabis POS system has an integrated supplier purchase function that records the purchases sent to suppliers so you can quickly check and monitor inventory levels. The software should also have a programmable store hours function to ensure local laws compliance. Other features to look out for include:

  • A queue management function.
  • Advanced loyalty programs.
  • A scalable design that streamlines the customer checkout experience in-store and online.

Integrations with Other Service Providers

A cannabis POS system should offer the ability to integrate with auxiliary service providers like online ordering, payment solutions, marketing and CRM tools, digital menu boards, and delivery logistics. Choosing software with an open API system or native built-in integrations ensures that these services integrate seamlessly with your POS.

A comprehensive cannabis POS solution should have a built-in employee management platform that helps to design shift schedules and track employee time logs. It should also allow businesses to send money into a safe if there is too much in the till, filter and segment inventory, automatically produce reports that include sales and customer data across multiple dispensary locations, and integrate with industry-leading partners.

These systems record all sales and inventory data in the supply chain, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with regulatory requirements and eliminate the risk of data-entry errors. Using an integrated cannabis POS system with a built-in traceability system eliminates the need to double-enter sales and inventory data in both a POS and a tracking system, reducing labor costs while maintaining compliance.

Cannabis Dispensary Software

Time-Based Discounts

Modern consumers expect quick, easy, and safe shopping experiences – similar to buying a coffee or running into Target. Whether you’re selling online, in-store, or via delivery, creating these experiences requires the right technology.

A dispensary POS system makes this possible, simplifying operations and increasing visibility. Ideally, look for software that offers integrations with other service providers, including online menu inventory, cashless payment solutions, marketing and CRM tools, and delivery logistics. Look for an open API system or native built-in integrations to ensure your auxiliary services can easily integrate with your POS.

This enables dispensaries to boost customer engagement and build long-term relationships. It also features a programmable store hours function to ensure compliance with state regulations on hours of operation. 

Cannabis Dispensary Software

State-Mandated Compliance

A quality cannabis POS system that supports state-mandated compliance is an essential feature for dispensaries to consider. The industry is highly regulated, and there are many rules related to security, age restrictions, documentation, and staff protocols that dispensary owners must adhere to. Failing to follow these regulations can result in hefty fines or even the revocation of a dispensary license, so cannabis businesses need to choose a POS software solution that automates the tracking of inventory and staff-related activities for easy compliance reporting.

POS systems offering mobile tablet ordering features allow budtenders to engage with customers and create a dynamic retail experience. By allowing employees to process transactions from anywhere in the store, they can streamline front-of-house fulfillment workflows and reduce wait times for customer service.

Choosing a dispensary software solution with integrated accounting capabilities is also essential for cannabis businesses. This can help companies manage cash flow, pay bills, and track outstanding invoices. Lastly, POS systems with an open API or native built-in integrations are vital for integrating cannabis software with other business management solutions.