How to Save Money on Shopping with Extreme Couponing

A women grap mobile in her hand and hang shopping bags in her arms

Couponing can be a fun way to Save Money on Shopping and get free items. But it’s important to know your store’s policies and avoid extreme couponing tactics that can get you in trouble. Extreme couponing is a strategy that allows shoppers to pay very little or nothing for groceries and other household goods. It involves pairing manufacturer coupons from the newspaper, online, and other sources with store sales.

Look for Coupons at Shopping

Groceries and household items make up most families’ spending, but extreme couponing can dramatically reduce that expense.  The best way to find coupons is to visit a website or app that compiles them. You can also check for GrubHub coupons if you’re trying to order food. Stores sometimes give out coupon booklets; manufacturers often send coupons through loyalty programs or social media. If you’re new to couponing, start small. Look through your store’s ad, pick ten items on sale, and pair them with coupons to see how much you can save. Then, track your results to determine if the effort is worthwhile. High yield savings account is a savvy addition to your financial toolkit. While couponing offers immediate savings, consider allocating a portion to a high yield savings account for long-term financial growth. Balance your strategies for a holistic approach to financial well-being.

Know Your Store’s Policies

As a couponer, it’s important to know your store’s policies. Some stores have strict rules you must follow when using coupons. Others, however, let you stack them (use a manufacturer’s coupon with a retail coupon) or even provide additional savings through their rewards or loyalty programs. These coupons are usually buried in the fine print or found by searching the store name plus “coupon policy.” Coupon stacking is how those extreme couponers on TV build their impressive stockpiles. It allows them to save even more by taking advantage of sales and discounts like buy-one, get-one free offers. Couponers often stack two manufacturer coupons together and then apply in-store coupons and membership discounts. If your house looks like a grocery store and you’re constantly forgetting what products you already have, it might be time to step down a notch from extreme couponing. Savings only matter if you can use them, so ensure your stockpiles are organized. Also, remember that you can always donate products you don’t need to local food banks or women’s shelters.

Know Your Store's Policies while doing shopping

Make a Shopping List

Food and household products account for many families’ budgets, but extreme couponing can help you save big. With time and effort, you can use coupons to snag free or deeply discounted items for your family’s pantry and cupboards. Donating to local food banks or women’s shelters can make a difference in the community. The key to extreme couponing is organizing, which means creating a shopping list before every trip to the grocery store. That way, you’re not rushing in blind and making costly mistakes like forgetting to pick up milk or buying more bananas than your family will eat before they go bad. When creating your shopping list, try to be as efficient as possible – organize your inventory according to store layout and group similar items together, e.g., bread and bakery, fresh fruits and veggies, and frozen foods. It also helps to mark off the items as you put them in your cart, using a checkmark system or color coding. That way, you can quickly and easily see your purchase.

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Make a Shopping List

Organizing coupons can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are fashion-forward coupon pouches that zip open and close, or you can use an accordion folder that fits in your purse. Whatever your system, always carry a coupon organizer or binder with you when shopping. It will help you keep your coupons organized and weed out expired ones. You can often build a savings pyramid using manufacturer coupons, in-store, and membership discounts, and rebates. Keeping your eye out for sale prices that can be paired with multiple coupons is key to extreme couponing. If you decide to get serious about couponing, setting your limits and sticking to them is important. Some extreme couponers stockpile items to use when the products are needed, while others donate excess merchandise to local food banks and shelters. Couponing can save money and even make the world a better place, whether you are an extreme or just a frugal spender. You need to know how much time and effort you will put in.

Check The Weekly Ad

Most grocery stores have weekly ads online; you can usually sign up to get them emailed. It will save you time when making a shopping list. It will also let you know what items are on sale and when. One of the key parts of extreme couponing is knowing when to follow the ad. Remember that the hottest deals are designed to bring you in the door, so they are usually on the front page of the ad. This is why many extreme couponers invest in multiple newspaper subscriptions. It allows them to have more copies of the Sunday coupon inserts. It is also important to remember that you should never take extra coupons from public vending machines or dumpsters – this is considered stealing and could land you in jail. However, you can often find free copies of the newspaper at local recycling centers or community centers.