The Advantages of Online Notarization for Small Business Owners

Online Notarization

Whether you run a pest control company, hotel, law firm, or something else entirely, you can benefit from the efficiency of online notarization. RON reduces business turnaround time and improves customer experience in several ways. 


More than a billion documents get notarized each year, including deeds, title documents, power of attorney, and more. Yet many businesses, from auto dealerships to real estate offices, don’t have notary services on demand. This leads to lost employee productivity and damages operations efficiency. With remote online notarization, however, those businesses can solve this problem and improve the customer experience. This type of notarization allows customers to complete their paperwork from wherever they are. This means that customers can lease equipment from a dealership while they are at work or buy a car while they’re on vacation. That’s a huge benefit that can help them make the most of their time and money. It also gives them the convenience they expect from today’s digital business processes.

Online Notarization

Online Notarization – Time-Saving

Construction businesses often have to notarize permit applications, building plan requests, contracts, and background checks. The old process of calling notaries to schedule a meeting, commuting to meet them, and waiting for them to finish their work takes time away from the business that could be spent on other essential tasks. Online notarization offers a convenient and efficient alternative to the in-person process, allowing companies to do their work without waiting for a notary to free up. This helps the business to run more efficiently and also improves the signer’s experience. Law firms typically need to notarize a large number of documents daily. Having access to a notary that is available 24/7 through remote online notarization allows them to work with clients when it is most convenient.

Convenience for Signers

Adding an authorized signer to a business bank account can help keep financial transactions on track. Without an additional signatory, daily payments and deposits may get behind – which can lead to late fees and interest charges. Businesses that switch to an eSignature solution can enjoy more efficiency and productivity and save money on notary fees. With remote online notarization, people can complete their signatures from any device at a time that suits them. This helps businesses with geographically dispersed workforces or clientele. It can also reduce frustration for people who cannot travel or have health concerns. Many local banks, insurance agencies, and leasing businesses are already offering this convenience to their customers.

Online Notarization

Convenience for Notaries

Businesses often need multiple documents notarized regularly. When a notary is only available during regular business hours, this can create a bottleneck that a 24/7 online notary platform can resolve. For example, lawyers at law firms have a variety of important documents that require notarization daily. However, if a notary only works during office hours, this leaves a significant gap in service for clients who have to wait until the next day for notary availability. Notaries who start their businesses can save time and money using an online notary platform. They can also simplify taxation by forming an LLC to protect their assets and ensure compliance with state and local regulations.


One of the most essential tasks that small business owners need to check off their list is getting documents notarized. But, until recently, that process was only available in person. Notarization is a necessary step in many significant milestones for Americans, such as buying a car or obtaining a mortgage. However, in-person notarization requires much travel time and provides an inconsistent signer and notary public experience. Fortunately, commissioned notaries can now use remote online notarization (RON) to improve the signer and notary public experience. RON is a secure, trusted, and convenient service that allows both parties to meet remotely via audiovisual communication. Businesses that adopt RON can realize immediate time and cost savings, business continuity benefits, and a differentiated customer experience.