The HR Lady: Your Go-To Resource for All Things HR

The HR Lady

Are you a small business owner who needs HR help but doesn’t have an in-house HR department? Look no further than The HR Lady! She is your one-stop shop for all things human resources.

The HR Lady has over 25 years of experience in a wide range of HR roles. She knows the ins and outs of HR like the back of her hand and is passionate about using her expertise to help businesses succeed. Whether you’re looking for help on a specific HR issue or want a trusted advisor to outsource your HR functions to, The HR Lady has got you covered.

Key HR Responsibilities

What exactly does an HR pro like The HR Lady do? Here are some of the key areas she can assist with:

Recruiting and Hiring

From writing job descriptions to screening resumes and interviewing candidates, The HR Lady will manage the entire hiring process for you. This ensures you find and attract top talent.

Onboarding New Employees

Once you’ve found the perfect new hire, Wendy Sellers will handle crafting an onboarding plan to smoothly integrate them into your company. This includes orienting them to your policies and culture.

The HR Lady

Managing Compensation and Benefits

She can develop competitive compensation packages, implement pay raises, and research benefit plans like health insurance and retirement accounts. This helps you compensate and care for employees.

Performance Management

Does your staff need more structure around goal setting and regular feedback? The HR Lady can institute performance review cycles and create processes to track employee progress.

Employee Relations

If any issues pop up between employees or with management, Wendy Sellers is trained to objectively mediate conflicts and maintain morale.

Compliance and Record Keeping

Staying on top of changing state and federal labor laws is tricky. Wendy Sellers will ensure your handbooks, policies, and procedures are legally compliant. She’ll also keep meticulous HR records.

Why the HR Lady Stands Out

So what makes The HR Lady different from other HR consultants? Here are a few of her unique strengths:

Depth of HR Knowledge and Experience

With over a decade and a half doing HR, she’s encountered and addressed every situation you can dream up. Her wealth of experience means she’ll have an instant solution for your needs.

Passion for Helping Companies and Employees

Wendy Sellers isn’t just doing a job. She feels genuinely invested in helping both employers and employees thrive. Her passion shines through in the thoughtful service she provides.

Commitment to Staying Up-To-Date

Laws and best practices change constantly in HR. Wendy Sellers dedicates time each week to continuing education so her strategies are always on the cutting edge.

The HR Lady

When to Bring in the HR Lady

Here are some key times having The HR Lady on your side can make a major impact:

You’re Growing Quickly

Rapid growth means lots of new hires and processes to manage. Wendy Sellers can create systems to help your expanding team run smoothly.

You’re Having Employee Relations Issues

If tensions arise or performance problems come up, Wendy Sellers can impartially facilitate to resolve conflicts.

You Need Help Staying Legally Compliant

Avoid costly lawsuits by having The HR Lady review your policies and handbooks to identify compliance gaps.

You Want to Overhaul Your Policies and Procedures

Ready to revamp your outdated manuals and organizational processes? The HR Lady can undertake the project of redesigning them for maximum efficiency.

The HR Lady

Services Offered by the HR Lady

Specifically, here are some of the offerings available from The HR Lady:

HR Audits and Needs Assessments

She’ll conduct a full review of your current HR practices to identify what’s working, and what’s not, and provide targeted recommendations.

Ongoing Support and Advice

You’ll have access to her expertise on-demand to guide you through any HR situation. She’s available by phone, email, and video chat.

Custom Employee Handbooks and Policies

She’ll craft comprehensive policies tailored to your business needs and write clear handbooks so employees understand expectations.

Management Training

Your managers will learn positive supervision tactics through her engaging workshops and webinars.

Compliance Assistance

She will make sure your company stays in compliance by providing required posters, helping file government forms, and updating policies.

Final Thought

Having a trusted HR advisor like The HR Lady in your corner allows you to confidently handle any employee situation while staying compliant with the law. No more stressing over HR – let her knowledgeable and dedicated support take that burden off your shoulders!


What types of businesses does The HR Lady work with?

She assists organizations of all sizes and industries with their HR needs, from 10-person startups to 500-employee corporations.

What is The HR Lady’s approach to working with clients?

She takes the time to understand each organization’s culture and goals to craft customized HR solutions that fit their specific requirements.

Does The HR Lady handle sensitive employee issues confidentially?

Absolutely. She understands the need for privacy in handling personnel matters and abides by the highest confidentiality standards.

Can I contact The HR Lady outside of normal business hours if we have an urgent issue?

Yes. She provides clients with an on-call number for after-hours HR emergencies requiring immediate assistance.