What Are The Cheapest Internet Plans In Windstream Internet?

Windstream Internet


Doesn’t matter if you are a social media influencer, a content creator, a student, or even if you work from home. A society’s basic need must be a good and stable internet connection. Since you’re reading the article, I am sure you must be searching for some affordable internet service provider.

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How is Windstream Internet?

Kinetic by Windstream Internet is one of the best internet services available in the market and undoubtedly one of the fastest too. The provider has a 100% record in satisfying consumers, whether it’s the speed or the customer support, Windstream has been top-notch. 

Windstream is the 5th largest internet provider in the United States and the provider targets to have more people so that it can become a future market leader. 

In this guide, I will help you rectify the best and the cheapest internet plans by broadband so that you can choose a budget-friendly tier for your house. Let’s get started.

Before I show you amazing plans, how about I show you the factors to be considered when looking for an internet plan?

Your Consumption

Before you select any internet and plans, you should know your consumption and to find your consumption, here are some of the factors you should look at.

  • Total Number of Devices

You should know the consumption by the total number of devices that have to be connected to the internet. For example, Mobile Phones, Smart LEDs, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, and other accessories. 

  • Work

As I mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you are a content creator, writer, a normal user who would just surf or even a YouTuber, you would need a good internet. For that, you must know what work you have to do with the Internet and what plan meets your requirements.

Now once you are done with keeping these factors in mind, here comes the main aspects you should consider. Choose the right plan for your household.

  • Speed

Windstream gives you full right to decide what plan you want to go with because you know your work better than anyone else. The speed of the Internet Plans in Windstream starts with 100 Mbps as basic and goes beyond 8 Gbps, which is quite monstrous so choose wisely.

  • Availability

While you research, the most important factor that should never be missed is “Availability”. You as a user need to check if your desired internet service provider is available in that particular area or not. If available, then you would need to check the availability of the plan you want for yourself. Here are some of the areas where Kinetic by Windstream is easily available.

Conway, AR

Canton, GA

Dalton, GA

Warner Robins, GA

Lexington, KY

Broken Arrow, OK

Tulsa, OK

Lexington, SC

Richmond, TX

Sugar Land, TX

Charlotte, NC

Concord, NC

Lexington, NC

Matthews, NC

Monroe, NC

Mooresville, NC

Salisbury, NC

Sanford, NC

Winston Salem, NC

Lincoln, NE

  • Price

The most important factor for any user would and should be the Price. There are many providers who are charging a bit unnecessary. To solve your problem, Windstream is already there knocking at your door with some unbelievable prices to make your day better. Have a look!



Starting with 

Data Caps

Kinetic Internet – Basic

100 mbps download speed100 mbps upload speedCan connect up to 10 devicesNo termination charges

$39.99 /mo.

No Data Caps

Kinetic Internet – Fiber

500 mbps download speed500 mbps upload speedCan connect up to 15 devicesNo termination charges

$39.99 /mo.

No Data Caps

Kinetic Internet – Fiber II

1 Gbps download speed1 Gbps upload speedCan connect up to 25 devicesNo termination charges

$39.99 /mo. (For 3 months only, after that, $69.99/mo.)

No Data Caps

Kinetic Internet – Fiber III

2 Gbps download speed2 Gbps upload speedCan connect up to 35 devicesNo termination charges

Price varies

No Data Caps

Kinetic Internet – Fiber IV

8 Gbps download speed8 Gbps upload speedCan connect up to 50 devicesNo termination charges

Price varies

No Data Caps

Benefits of Having a Windstream Internet Plan

Have a look at the benefits that you also can have by having Windstream Internet.

  • Super- Fast Speed

Windstream offers a Symmetrical Speed where you can surf the same down and upload speed, which means if you are lucky enough to have an 8gbps tier around, you will have a crazy 8gbps upload speed, which is quite insane.

  • Reliable Customer Support

To facilitate the consumer in the best possible way, Windstream has 24/7 Customer Support so don’t worry, this customer support won’t trouble you like your old internet provider. Windstream has one of the best teams and they will make sure to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

  • Fiber optic

Fiber is one of the most advanced and liked technology in the internet. Internet is transmitted through glass or plastic fiber cables so that you can have maximum speed as a user and don’t worry about slow speeds because better speeds will be guaranteed in the fiber plans.

Final Thought

Windstream Internet is one of the most liked internet between users. As a user, I am sure you will go with a provider who would add value to your money and I can say with my experience that Windstream will live up to your expectations.