What to Do With Your Scrap Jewelry

Scrap Jewelry

The end of the year rolls around, and while you’d love to get that perfect gift for someone special, you just don’t have the finances for it. So, how do you afford a gift when your bank balance is in the red? The solution may be lying in a drawer at home—old jewelry. 

The Value of Old Jewelry

You’ve probably pawned an old ring, gran’s earrings, or a flashy watch when needed, but did you know that even scrap jewelry has value? A few things determine whether you’re sitting on “gold” or not. 

The Metal of the Scrap Jewelry

Gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals fetch a pretty penny, even if it’s not a whole jewelry item. If you have a couple of old watch links from a gold watch, these can easily translate into money at a jeweler. 

The Stone Quality 

Jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones can be valuable, even when damaged or cracked. Remember, the jeweler can cut these into smaller stones or polish up any damage, so don’t fall for the “OH, but it’s damaged, so I can only pay you x”-routine. Great Post read about moving within Oceanside.

The Extent of Damage 

If the scrap jewelry you want to sell is broken, the value is determined by weight, metal purity, and any significant damage to precious stones, such as advanced cracks. 

The Weight of the Broken or Scrap Jewelry

If it’s heavy, it doesn’t always mean it’s valuable. Instead, it’s about the purity and coloration of the metal and stones. 

Scrap Jewelry

Scrap Jewelry Items with Value

You’d be surprised what jewelry items will make you a quick buck. Look for the following at the bottom of your jewelry box or drawer: 

  • Gold, silver, and platinum links
  • Unpaired gold or silver earrings 
  • Rings with missing stones
  • Broken or worn-through gold and silver bracelets
  • Gold tooth fillings 
Scrap Jewelry

Getting the Best Offer

Showing up with your jewelry items all jumbled together and broken will lead to the scrap jewelry buyer not taking you seriously. Instead, clean the jewelry items and place each in a private case to avoid further damage. You can get a great offer to sell scrap jewelry by taking care of the scrap jewelry. 

Another reason you should only present cleaned pieces to a potential buyer is to ensure they see you as an expert who knows what he’s talking about. 

Where to Sell Second-Hand Jewelry?

There are many places to sell your unwanted jewelry items. Consider precious metal buyers, pawn shops, advertising on community lists (like Craigslist), and collectors.