5 Reasons You Should Proceed with Your Epoxy Flooring Purchase

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a top choice flooring, especially for garages, industrial spaces, and warehouses. It’s an easy choice if you want durability and expect high traffic volume. Yet you may still be on the fence on whether epoxy flooring is the best choice for your project. Before searching for ‘concrete epoxy flooring near me,’ learn six reasons that make epoxy worthwhile for your project.

1. Can Boost Safety with Anti-Slip Additives

High-performance flooring should improve safety, not undermine it. Epoxy flooring looks slippery because of its self-leveling nature. However, epoxy is more skid-resistant than it seems. Besides, there are proven ways to make the floor less slippery and more skid-resistant. Safety Directive America lab data for slip tests shows that additives with aluminum oxide can leave the floor with skid resistance similar to the NBA basketball floor. When shopping for epoxy flooring in Denver, ask for additive recommendations.

Epoxy Flooring

2. Epoxy Will Last Long Even with Chemical Spills

Epoxy has it all regarding resistance: withstanding shocks, heat fluctuations, and even chemical spills. The inherent nature of epoxy’s resistance is its chemical composition and the curing process. When the epoxy is mixed with a hardening agent, it forms a strong bond of polymers. It’s like a strong glue that bonds well with other surfaces. The resulting network of polymers is non-porous, which means it doesn’t allow penetration of water, chemicals, or other liquids.

3. Epoxy Flooring is Strong Enough to Handle Heavy Traffic

If you anticipate heavy traffic volume in your building project, epoxy resin is a good flooring choice, thanks to its strength. According to Boston Garage, epoxy flooring has a strength of about 10,000 psi, three times that of concrete. That means a square inch of low-quality epoxy flooring can withstand 10,000 pounds of pressure before it starts cracking. If you anticipate that your floor will house heavy equipment or dropping objects, epoxy flooring will be worth the money.

4. Easy Cleaning, Easy Maintenance

You may have the strongest and most durable flooring, but it will be worth a little less if it’s heavy maintenance and uneasy to clean. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean because it doesn’t have tiny holes to absorb dirt and spills. Instead, everything stays on the surface where it’s easy to wipe and mop. The combination of its durability and easy-to-clean makes epoxy flooring low-maintenance.

5. Shiny Gloss Look Increases Aesthetics in Your Home

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has a shiny, glossy look that can make a room look brighter and attractive. Epoxy resin can be cured in a way that maximizes self-leveling properties. According to Vicat, this property makes fluid such as epoxy easily spread in a way that leaves an evenly flat surface. Self-leveling epoxy has an unmistakable reflective and glossy appearance

To sum up, there are many factors to consider when shopping for the most suitable flooring for your project. Epoxy flooring meets the requirements of a good choice with its high durability, resistance, attractiveness, and easy maintenance. It’s the best choice for warehouses, industrial plants, and commercial kitchens expecting heavy traffic.

If you are undertaking construction, ensure you get it right from the start by installing solid and durable floor. If you are looking for concrete epoxy flooring near me, scratch no more. Contact Granite Garage Floors for more information on epoxy floring in Denver and a free quote.