Benefits of Buying from a Certified Dealership

Certified Dealership

A certified dealership is one that takes the time to inspect the vehicles they sell. They often check multiple parts and systems in the vehicle. These vehicles go through a preconditioning process, repairing anything the dealership finds, so they are not new, but they are not in used condition either. These are reasons you should consider buying from a certified dealership.

Vehicle Condition

When you find a new BMW for sale, you know that all the systems and parts are in perfect working order. These vehicles are straight off the manufacturer’s assembly line. You do not have these kinds of assurances when you purchase a used vehicle. You often have no idea how the previous owner treated the vehicle and what repairs wait for you.

However, a certified pre-owned vehicle goes through a thorough inspection. The vehicle gets repaired and returned to the manufacturer’s specifications. The dealership preconditions these vehicles. Also, because the manufacturer allows these dealerships to use their names to sell these pre-owned vehicles, they have to be high-quality and in exceptional condition.


Dealerships with certifications have to offer their certified pre-owned vehicles at a price set out by the manufacturer. These vehicles are often more expensive than uncertified used vehicles. However, the dealership cannot overcharge you for the vehicle because it does not set the price.

Due to their expense and condition, these vehicles often qualify for financing, and most of the time this financing has low-interest rates, especially when you compare them to new vehicle financing rates. This lower interest gives you a lower monthly payment.

Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty

Certified pre-owned cars typically still have some of their original warranties left, and the manufacturer may offer an extended warranty. For example, the vehicle may have had a bumper-to-bumper warranty for five years or 50,000 miles and a powertrain warranty for 10 years and 100,000 miles. If the vehicle is only three or four years old and hasn’t reached the mileage limit, you can take advantage of the remaining comprehensive and powertrain warranties.

In addition, the vehicle’s manufacturer understands the age and condition of the certified pre-owned vehicle you may purchase, so they often offer special extended warranty programs. Although it may not cover as much or last as long as a new car, the warranty offered should last several years and cover many of the more expensive repairs on your vehicle.

Maintenance Programs

When you purchase a new vehicle, you may receive free maintenance for a period of time at the dealership. Used cars don’t typically receive this option. However, certified pre-owned vehicles often receive a free maintenance program.

The dealership will guide you on when to change your oil, rotate your tires, and complete other scheduled maintenance. Your vehicle will also receive genuine parts. You may also receive free inspections to identify any problems with your vehicle.

Leasing Available

You rarely hear about leases for used cars, but certified pre-owned vehicles are like new cars. This allows dealerships and manufacturers to offer leasing options, making the vehicle more affordable.

Your Next Vehicle

As you start searching for your next vehicle, do your homework. Even if you purchase a used vehicle, you can still find a great car through a certified dealership.