How Is Professional Hair Color Different from Your Typical Box Dye?

Professional Hair Color

Have you ever wondered how dyeing your hair at a hair salon is different from doing it at home? You probably considered aspects like your skill vs. the colorist’s skill, but the fact is: that there are many more differences. One of them is the type of products that are used. Box dyes and professional hair color are not the same, but how exactly do they differ? We explain it in this article, so read on to find out!

Professional Hair Color

The Difference Between Professional Hair Color and Box Dye

There are quite a few aspects in which a professional hair color and a box dye are not the same. Let’s take a look at all of them to understand this case entirely.

  • Strength – Box Dyes are always strong. They need to be universal and work for any type of hair. For that to be possible, they are more powerful – this way, they can be absorbed by hair in any condition. On the other hand, professional hair colors are tailored to your particular needs as the colorist prepares them on the go. 
  • Effect – Again, professional hair color is better since it’s made with your current color and desired effect in mind. The colorist mixes the solution after looking at you and after you show them what you wish for, so the results of using a hair color are often much more satisfying. With box dyes, on the other hand, you need to look at the effects, for example, colors, and try to predict how you fit into this scale.
  • Ingredients – A professional hair color is usually made from better, less harsh ingredients. This means that it’s healthier for your hair, causes less damage, and makes your hair look much more beautiful.
  • Fading – Box dyes last shorter than professional hair colors and tend to fade more quickly. You need more regular touch-ups to keep your hair beautiful when using them. Plus, hair color will need more shampoos to wash off, which is especially important for demi- and semi-permanent colors.
  • Customization – With a box dye, your options are limited to the colors offered at the store. With a professional hair color prepared by a licensed colorist, you can go wild!
  • Price – Unsurprisingly, a hair color is visibly more expensive than a box dye. The reasons behind this are many: better (pricey) ingredients, the need for a licensed colorist, and the fact that they apply it.
Professional Hair Color

Professional Hair Color vs. Box Dye – Which One Is Better?

While most differences are in favor of professional hair colors, the question of which one is better is still a bit tricky. After all, with a box dye, you don’t need to go to a hair salon to get your hair done, so you save both time and money. Thus, it all depends on your situation and preferences.

The Takeaway

We hope we’ve dispelled any doubts and misconceptions that you had about box dyes and professional hair colors. With the knowledge from this article, you are now able to make a conscious choice. So, what will it be?