Why Sizing Matters When Shopping For Plus Size Clothes Online

Plus Size Clothes

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If you’ve ever tried on clothes that claim to be your size but don’t fit the same as another brand’s version of the same item, you know how frustrating it can be. Why does this happen?

This is because clothing sizes are fitted on a sample model. Then, the size is graded up or down to create different fit options.


Regarding plus size clothing online, comfort matters – especially when you spend money. However, it isn’t always easy for plus-size shoppers to find comfortable clothes. The main reason is that there is no standardized sizing for plus-size customers. This means that one garment in a brand might fit while another may not.

This is because the sizing for a particular item is not based on actual measurements but rather on how the pattern is designed and cut. This is why looking for clothing specially made for plus-size bodies and not just larger versions of missed sizes is important.

For example, some brands like Universal Standard have built their entire brand on inclusivity and offer a wide range of sizes from 00 to 40. This includes workwear, athleisure, and a host of versatile pieces. This way, women can easily find a flattering and comfortable style.

Plus Size Clothes


When it comes to fashion, fit is everything. For plus-sized shoppers, getting the right fit can be a real challenge.

Most brands still rely on fit models—typically “straight models” or standard sizes—to design and develop their clothing. But sizing up from those models doesn’t account for weight shifts or how women carry their weight across the body, making it difficult to achieve great fits for curves.

This is especially true if you wear a size 20 or higher, where in-store access to clothing that fits and looks on trend can seem like a unicorn found only by sheer luck. For this reason, online shopping is ideal for finding clothes that fit, and retailers with transparent return policies make it even easier to get the right look. 

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Regarding plus-size clothing, the fashion industry has a lot to work on. A recent survey by ModCloth found that 77 percent of women who wear plus sizes need help finding well-fitting garments and that 73 percent say sizing is inconsistent across brands. This can hurt a shopper’s willingness to spend, which is why it’s so important for retailers to get it right.

In the past, many fashion companies have ignored a large group of consumers by hiding their plus-size lines in the back of stores or pushing them into the “plus” section on their websites. This shunning of a large market segment doesn’t make sense and should be changed.

Shoppers need to be able to buy clothes that they love, irrespective of the label. When that occurs, it makes them sense as valued customers and allows them to specify their inner selves. This is why it’s so crucial that retailers maintain providing extra alternatives in plus-length clothing.

Plus Size Clothes


Many brands like plus size clothing Canada use varying sizing systems when making clothes, which can confuse shoppers. For example, a size eight dress could mean different things for different brands.

Additionally, some brands still charge more for plus-sized clothing, even with a rise in the body positivity movement and increased demand for inclusive sizing. This is known as the “fat tax,” which can cause shoppers to be less flexible regarding their shopping habits.

Providing trendy plus-size clothing in your boutique allows customers to shop for pieces they love without going to a non-inclusive brand and feeling like an outcast. It also helps them save money by eliminating the frustration of high shipping costs, sizing confusion, and endless returns. Shoppers want to get excited about shopping for clothes, and you can give them a place to do that with clothing they love. This builds loyalty, which is a major benefit for your business.