What Does a Highlight Kit Contain? Exploring the Components of Home Highlighting Kits

Highlight Kit

When you’re looking to add some dimension and vibrancy to your hair without a trip to the salon, a home highlighting kit can be a great choice. These kits are designed to provide everything you need to create professional-looking highlights from the comfort of your own home. What exactly? A lightening powder, a developer, an applicator, gloves, foil or highlight caps, and usually a conditioner. Do you want to learn more? Keep reading!

The Contents of a Highlight Kit

So, what does a highlight kit (https://www.madison-reed.com/shopping/light-works-highlights) contain, and why? Here’s a list!

Lightening Powder

The key element in most highlighting kits is lightening powder, which bleaches the hair and prepares it for the new color. This powder is mixed with a developer to activate the bleaching process.


A developer is included to activate the lightening powder. The strength of the developer, usually measured in volumes like 20, 30, or 40, determines how much the hair will lighten. Higher volumes are used for darker hair or for more significant lightening effects.


Kits often include an applicator brush or comb for precise application. These tools help distribute the bleach evenly and minimize the risk of patchy results. You might want to look into what type of applicator is in the kit of your choice – not everybody is comfortable with both a brush and a comb.


A pair of gloves is also typically included in highlight kits. This is to protect the skin from harsh chemicals that could irritate it if any part of the product gets on your hands.

Foil or Highlighting Cap

Depending on the kit, you might find aluminum foil strips for wrapping sections of hair during the lightening process, or a highlighting cap which can be used to pull strands through for highlighting. This is to make the whole process easier. After all, you are not an experienced colorist, and even they use foils for highlighting.

Conditioning Treatments

After the chemical treatment, a nourishing conditioner or a post-color treatment is essential to restore moisture and shine to your hair. Many kits include a specially formulated conditioner to help maintain healthy, shiny hair post-application.

If the kit of your choice does not contain it, look for alternatives. It might be good to contact a hair colorist to pick the right conditioner. Don’t try to highlight your hair without such a treatment – you don’t apply it just to improve the overall condition of your hair but also to make it look more vibrant.

The Takeaway

A highlight kit is no longer a mystery to you – you know exactly what you will find inside. Remember to read the description of each product to ensure that all these vital components are inside. After all, if a kit comes without an applicator, you’ll need to find one on your own to actually use it, right?