What is custom or why is customizing clothes trendy again?


Customize – to customize, personalize, that is to customize something for yourself. The trend to create unique clothes that stand out from the crowd of similarly dressed people appeared in the USA in the 70s, when hippies reflected their inner world. 

They decorated their bags, vests and jeans with “patches”, beads and various embroideries or labeled them with the trademark of the subculture. Then also in the 70s, members of hip-hop culture were remodeling denim jackets to fit themselves. 

Self-expression through clothing was one of the main meanings of young movements – they painted and customized clothes, expressing themselves and their belonging to the subculture. So any manifestation of individuality through clothing can be called customization, be it painting clothes with colors, outlines, sewing patches and patches, sewing 2 different things together and remaking old ones. 

Why is the fashion for customization back?

There are 2 reasons – very fast fashion cycles and the trend of conscious consumption. Now in the world the mass-market produces things in huge runs for all countries of the world, imitating luxury brands, thus the concept of individuality is erased. People all over the world dress in the same way and it is increasingly difficult to find something unique.

Add to this the fact that extending the life cycle of things has become very important, hence the increased interest in flea markets, second hand shops, which are no longer so strongly associated with poverty. And there is also an increased interest in the very customization of clothing. In today’s world, there are many companies and private businesses that make customized custom items, whether it’s a custom sweatshirt or jeans. Absolutely anyone can customize a piece to fit their individual style. 

Is it possible to customize an item on your own? 

You can customize your own clothes, you just need to use a little bit of your imagination. You don’t have to be an artist to paint on clothes. You can work in different techniques: apply paint through a stencil, use painter’s tape to create geometric designs, paint with brushes and mastichin. All you need are paints or contours for fabric and leather.

For example, you can create this abstraction with mastichin and make an unusual T-shirt, a stylish denim jacket by stencil, very simple and unusual customize your jeans. Everything is in your hands. 

However, if you do not know how to properly apply paint on fabric and leather, you can watch training master classes of professionals on the Internet. Where artists paint t-shirts, shoppers and sneakers in different techniques, you will understand how to work properly in each of the techniques, if you show desire and interest.